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Friday, January 9, 2015

Weight Loss- December in review

December presents an unique challenge when it comes to weight loss and staying fit and healthy.  The shopping season for Christmas presents can dominate your life so much that instead of gym day, you are stopping at the mall to pick up one more gift.  The worst part of the is the office snacks coupled with the stress of end-of-year procedures.

I must say I triumph over all the snack and treats temptations, I even re-gift a few.  I followed my weekly exercise and meal plans which is commendable because in my past life I would go home after a stressful day and go straight to my bed. The new me comes home changes in exercise clothes and put on my zumba tape or go running on the treadmill to de-stress.

Anyway here is the recap:

  • BMI is down 1/2 of a point which is good because that means I am losing fat and getting much leaner.
  • Lost .8 lbs which is great considering that it was the holiday season. The scale is such a little monster because it does not truly reflect the hard work you put in.  So I don't get stuck on the numbers I focus on how I feel and look.
  • I'm down anoher 1/2 inch in my waist which is great, because I had to move up a notch on my belt.  
  • Between November and December I have loss close to an inch off my arms, the bat wings are getting better thanks to Body Pump

For a very long time I would say I was not discipline enough to work out at home, I even believed that I needed to be in the gym in order to stay motivated.  This thought has serve me well because I have learned what to do and what not to do; but these days I don't have those thoughts because I now have the tools to get and stay motivated.

Goals for January:

I am changing up my goals from weight loss to fitness because I now know how to loss weight and to say no to the things that don't enhance my healthy lifestyle.

  • run 3 miles once a week 
  • continue meal planning to ensure I get proper nutrition
  • have a weekly exercise schedule
  • I expect to lower my BMI and waist size by at least one point.
My weight loss journey is a marathon so I will continue to dig deep so I can accomplish my ultimate goal.

Fitness Friday

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