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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Health and Fitness Goals 2015

As watch the million plus revelers in Time Square ring in the New Year I gave a toast to 2014 and a silent thanks; I then accept the challenges 2015 will throw my way and vow to succeed.  I don't normally make resolution but I do like to have a plan and goals; the biggest obstacle I current have is my weight so I have a few goals that I will work o in 2015.


 Weight Loss goal- I do not have a number in mind but I would like to get my body mass index down to 30.  I would also like to be at least a size 8 (M). When I started my weight loss journey I was a size 14-16 (XL); these days I am a size 10-12 (L). I find that fixating on a specific number on the scale leads to frustration and eventually lost of motivation.


Health goal- Be very cognizant of what I eat especially at work. I will continue my practice of shopping and making meals in advance so I can pack my lunch.  I did slacked off on making my morning smooth so I will revive it up for 2015.

Fitness goal- I will work out minimum of five days each week, whether it be in the gym or at home. Having a small child can make attending the gym on a set schedule difficult at times.  So I will supplement my gym attendance with my DVD collection or a selection from YouTube.

I firmly believe that if you watch your food intake and exercise you can achieve weight loss that you can be proud of.

Fitness Friday
What are your goals or resolutions for 2015?


  1. Packing your own lunch is always the best way to go. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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