Saturday, January 31, 2015

Biometric Screenings

I was watching the finale of the Biggest Loser and a extremely happy for the contestants and the amount of weight they were able to lose.  However, two of the package got my attention  one contestant had a 50+ percent body fat and the other was 26 with aliments of a 70 or older person.  It got me thinking about what the numbers tell us about out health and life expectancy.

After digging around a bit, i found out that companies where using Biometric screening to offer wellness incentives.  Which lead to wonder about all the blood, test  and measurement my doctors takes when I go in for my annual physical. To my surprise when we go in for our annual they are actually doing a Biometric screening.

What is a Biometric Screening?

A Biometric Screening is an health examination that indicates your risk for certain medical condition and diseases.  It brings to the forefront the take actions needed to improve ones health.

How is the Biometric screening conducted?

The screening uses height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, glucose, abdominal girth, triglyceride level and blood sample to assess and evaluate your risk factors.
taking blood preasure

How can getting a screening improve your awareness?

This screening can help to identify current and potential medical issues.  Risk factors for metabolic syndromes such diabetes and heart conditions can be found in the early stages. Biometric screenings can help to identify and prevent health risk due to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.  For some people this screening can have a huge impact on their health, lifestyle and well being.  It will make them more aware and apt to change their behaviors and lifestyle.

The person who is pre-diabetic or borderline hypertensive will in most cases seek to change their habits.  There is section of the population who will use this result to not only change their lifestyle but also their entire community.

When was the last time you had a wellness examination? If you should have one today will the results be a cause to celebrate or will it be a call to action?

Each day we get to make healthy choices whether it be food, alcohol or fitness; do you make choices that will improve your general health?  

If you are not currently do so, today is a good day to start.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Menu and Exercise Schedule (01/26)

The blizzard of 2015 will have NYC shutdown for a couple of days; even though I live in the northeast USA I hate snow.  My gym sent out an email stating that they will be close for the next three days, which sucks big time.  Anyway I plan to get in all my exercise this week because I won't let the wretched white stuff foil my healthy lifestyle goals.


Monday - 30 minutes Biggest Loser high intensity workout
Tuesday- 2 1/2 hour spent shovelling snow ( this counts, right?)
Wednesday- 40 cardio workout from Popsugar
Thursday- circuit 1 and 2 of Jillian's 30 day shred
Friday- 1 hour Pilates
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Rest

Who would have thought that I could be this discipline to plan and actually execute at home workouts? No me for sure but when you get goal focused all things are possible.


Getting snowed in is no joke so soup was definitely on the menu for this week.
- a big pot of lamb and barley soup with potatoes and carrots (thanks Mom)
- Baked Salmon ( my sons favorite thing to eat)
- Curried chicken (Jamaican style)
- Pasta with broccoli, cauliflower squash
- oven fried chicken tenders

I'm finding it quite easy to prepare easy meals that the entire family.

What are your game plans for getting to your fitness and health goals?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wash Day- moisturizing my hair while in crochet braids

It is going on three weeks since I got my crochet braids and I am currently 10 week post.  I did not wash my hair this weekend  but thought you would like to know how I keep my hair moisturized and my braids fresh.

How I keep my hair moisturized?

Keeping my hair moisturized while in crochet braids is of utmost importance to me. After last weeks wash I implemented a routine to moisture my hair nightly.  I am happy to report that my unruly scalp
is on her best behaviour; so well behaved that I able to lengthen the days between my wash day.

Every other night I spray the cornrows and my roots with Ettenio moisture milk and moisturize with ORS hair lotion and seal with coconut oil on the other night.  This is working well for me because I don't have a itchy scalp and so far there I have no build-up.

How I maintain my curly crochet braids?

I would love to keep these braids in for at the very least four weeks, so moisturize each morning and every few days I finger comb and trim away any tangles. On alternative days I moisturize with Lotta Body moisturize me and Luster's pink lotion (yep, it works like a dream on synthetic hair).

I am still in love with these braids but I am itching to touch and feel my hair.  Hopefully I get pass my urge and keep them in for another week or so.

Hope you had a good wash day.  Come your awesome wash day the fabulous ladies of the #washdayexperience.

The Wash Day Experience

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Menu and Exercise Schedule (01/19)

When we embark on a weight loss journey we often focus on how we will looking on the outside.  However, the change that is happen inside is often more significant the just wearing a smaller clothes size.  A few weeks back I had my annual physical and I was very happy to hear the doctor say all my test came back in the normal range or better. The best thing she said to me was that my resting heart rate is like that of an athlete: I was on cloud nine.

With the results telling me that I am on the right track to healthy, I am more committed to lose the weight and to be the best shape of my adult life.

This is how I plan on getting results this week.


Monday- 30 minutes cardio and Pilates work out from Popsugar.
Tuesday- 45 minutes high intensity cardio
Wednesday- 1 hour body pump and a 1 mile run
Thursday- rest
Friday- 1 hour pilates and a  3 mile run
Saturday- 1 hour spin/cycling
Sunday- rest

I'm still working on getting my cardio up so I can run the 5k this summer, hopefully my knees doesn't give out.



- Baked salmon with linguine
-Baked turkey wings with basmatic brown rice
- Fried Tilapia on a bed of onions, peppers and carrots. (my version of the Jamaica escovitch fish)
- Sauteed spinach and mushrooms
- A green salad

I still struggle with lunch even though I pack my lunch; there are days where I just don't want what I pack so I will order out. The only difference is that I always try to find an healthy option whenever I do.

Having a healthy inside is sexy! What are your goals for getting a sexy inside?

Fitness Friday

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Product Review- Ettenio Moisture Milk

Cost- $11 can per purchased from or your local beauty supply store in Jamaica.

Claims/Blurb- Ettenio Moisture Milk is like no other, designed to infuse hair with much needed moisture, vitamins and mineral, without weighing the hair down.

Ingredients- Water, chamomile, Oolong tea, Roobios, Catnip, Nettle, marshmallow, Abbyssiniam seed oil, Broccoli seed oil, coconuts esters vegetable emulsifier, Sea kelp, Creatine, Vitamin E, Panthenol, MSM, Potassium Sorbate, Spearmint essential oil, Tea tree essential oil.

Pros- This is a creamy miracle in a bottle, their claims of moisture like no other is so true.  It does not weigh your hair down and does not leave it feeling sticky and coated.  All the ingredients are natural and works together for soft moisturized hair.

Cons- The spearmint and tea tree oil is smell is very prominent. The smell does linger for a few hours, so you can't use it before going out.

My Take-  Yes the smell takes getting use to but the benefit out weights the smell.  I typical use this on my roots after an exercise session to keep my new growth from drying out and getting tangled. I love the tingling feeling I get from the tea tree oil.  The moisturizing effect from this product is mo joke and most of all I can use it daily without my hair feeling coated and heavy.

Have you tried this product? What is your take?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Menu and Exercise Schedule (01/12)

As I tackle 2015 I feel extremely satisfied that I was able to accomplish the fitness and healthy goal I had set for my self in 2014. We are experiencing Arctic air in the northeast USA so it takes a lot of will power and determination to head out to the gym or grocery shopping.  So last week I did not go to the gym once and I did not feel up to cooking (my least favorite thing to do) so I lounge on my couch and at take out at lunch and had cereal most nights for dinner.  Yes, last week was bad, but I vow not to bow down to the cold weather.

So on Sunday I woke up took out my planner and opening the pantry door and refrigerator doors and began planning my meals for the week.  Once I began writing and thing about what I want to prepare for the week I started feeling motivated. Which is wonderful because as we all know it is a slippery slope when it comes to weight gain.

Here is what meal and exercise plans are for this week.


Monday- Circuit 2 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred
Tuesday- Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD, all three parts include warm up and cool down
Wednesday- 1 hour body pump at the gym
Thursday- 1 hour spin/cycling at the gym
Friday- 1 hour Pilates at the gym
Saturday- rest day
Sunday- rest day

I switch my rest day from Thursday because I have an engagement on Saturday and I want to be well rested.


  • Grilled Salmon
  • Oven fried Chicken breast. I use panko bread crumbs instead of regular bread crumbs add about 3tbs of vegetable cooking oil to the bottom of the pan (just enough to coat it) and place the chicken in for 20 to 30 minutes I turned them about 1/2 way thorough.  They come out looking and tasting as if they were deep fried.  
  • I made a pot of Lamb Stew because these bones needs a hearty meal to keep warm in these subzero temperatures.
  • Basmatic brown rice
  • Sauteed swiss chard; I sauteed it with onion, garlic and olive oil
  • Steamed broccoli and cauliflower
  • Made a green salad to bring up the rear because I always run out of food by Thursday.

Don't judge me I make a whole weeks worth of meal in one setting because I just don't have the time nor energy to prepare meals from scratch each day.

Oven Fried Chicken breast

 What are your menu and exercise goal for this week? How do you prepare for the challenges  you will encounter during the week?

Fitness Friday

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wash Day- How I wash Crochet Braids

Having a protective style is great because you don't have to manipulate your hair on a consistent basis. However, for that same reason I don't like protective styles, I like to wash, style (how I style my hair changes almost daily) and feel my hair.  After a week of crochet braids (which still looks fabulous) I am itching to take them out just so I can do something different.

I normally do a co-wash mid week because of my exercise routine and the fact that I sweat a lot. I made the decision that I would do an abbreviated wash day on week two but itchy scalp had me rethinking that decision.  Since this was my first time getting crochet braids I was not sure how to wash them so I spent hours combing through YouTube videos on the best practice. YouTube is an unique place and I tend to loss hours of my life watching videos that is sometimes silly and not very informative.  Anyway......

How I wash my Crochet Braids


[1]  applied As I am coconut cowash between each cornrow. I figure since my scalp was itching anyway applying product directly to my scalp will be great. I then jump in the shower to rinse out the cowash;Once I felt all the product was out I wrap my head in a towel to get rid of the excess water . I did not put the hair in sections or tied them up because I wanted the water to run through the hair.

[2] after getting rid of the excess water, I applied watered down Optimum Oil Therapy Ultimate recovery conditioner to each cornrow using a spray bottle.  I also sprayed the braids just in case the run off wasn't enough to conditioned them.  I left the conditioner on for about five minutes before jumping back into the shower to rinse. Once I was comfortable that all the conditioner was out I wrapped my head in a towel to dry.

[3] after thirty minutes I took the towel down and spray my cornrows with Aphogee Provitamin leave-in conditioner, and allowed the hair to air dry. I then apply ORS hair lotion to my scalp and cornrows.  I applied Creme of nature lemongrass & rosemary leave in cream conditioner to the braids and tuck them on my satin cap.

The next morning the braids had so much curl definition and movement, which was shocking to me because the curls had drooped so much during the wash process.  The end result was great; my scalp no longer itches and the braids now how so much movement.

Please pass along any tips on how you washed your crochet braids?

The Wash Day Experience

Friday, January 9, 2015

Weight Loss- December in review

December presents an unique challenge when it comes to weight loss and staying fit and healthy.  The shopping season for Christmas presents can dominate your life so much that instead of gym day, you are stopping at the mall to pick up one more gift.  The worst part of the is the office snacks coupled with the stress of end-of-year procedures.

I must say I triumph over all the snack and treats temptations, I even re-gift a few.  I followed my weekly exercise and meal plans which is commendable because in my past life I would go home after a stressful day and go straight to my bed. The new me comes home changes in exercise clothes and put on my zumba tape or go running on the treadmill to de-stress.

Anyway here is the recap:

  • BMI is down 1/2 of a point which is good because that means I am losing fat and getting much leaner.
  • Lost .8 lbs which is great considering that it was the holiday season. The scale is such a little monster because it does not truly reflect the hard work you put in.  So I don't get stuck on the numbers I focus on how I feel and look.
  • I'm down anoher 1/2 inch in my waist which is great, because I had to move up a notch on my belt.  
  • Between November and December I have loss close to an inch off my arms, the bat wings are getting better thanks to Body Pump

For a very long time I would say I was not discipline enough to work out at home, I even believed that I needed to be in the gym in order to stay motivated.  This thought has serve me well because I have learned what to do and what not to do; but these days I don't have those thoughts because I now have the tools to get and stay motivated.

Goals for January:

I am changing up my goals from weight loss to fitness because I now know how to loss weight and to say no to the things that don't enhance my healthy lifestyle.

  • run 3 miles once a week 
  • continue meal planning to ensure I get proper nutrition
  • have a weekly exercise schedule
  • I expect to lower my BMI and waist size by at least one point.
My weight loss journey is a marathon so I will continue to dig deep so I can accomplish my ultimate goal.

Fitness Friday

Monday, January 5, 2015

Wash Day- Protective Style

I finally got crochet braids; this is after many weeks of contemplation.  Thanks to my sister-in-law and my niece for this fabulous do. I am unofficially shoulder length (happy dance); I will do a proper length check when I relax in February.

Before getting the braids I did an abridged version on my regular wash day.  This wash day did not include  a prepoo nor a tea rinse, because I was running out of time.

So without further ado here is how I prep my hair for the crochet braids:

Shampoo- Shampooed with Creme of Nature sunflower & coconut detangling conditioning shampoo. This is my all time favorite shampoo it cleanse with drying the hair out.  As usual I only lather once before rinsing.

Deep condition- Deep conditioned with Creme of nature intensive conditioning treatment under my conditioning cap for 25 minutes. I then allowed my hair to cool for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.  I then followed it with Loreal Total Repair 5 damage erasing balm for five minutes before rinsing with warm water followed up with cool water. My hair is loving the addition of the damage erasing balm after the deep conditioner, it is s soft and most of all the shedding as subsided.

Leave-in Conditioner and Moisturizers-  After t-shirt drying for ten minutes I apply Aphogee Provitamin leave in conditioner and air dry for fifteen minutes.  Applied Creme of Nature Perfect 7 to my eight weeks post roots followed by Ettenio moisture reign to the ends.

At the last minute I decided to blow dry my roots because I wanted the cornrows to lay flat, so I put my hair in six section and apply OGX coconut anti-breakage serum to each section before blow drying. I used the tension method with warm air to blow dry my hair; I love the outcome.

 I remember the days where I would blow dry my hair on high heat with no heat protectant until it was bone straight.  These days I don't even dry it completely, that's the sign of progress.

This is my first protective style since I began my healthy hair journey, the reason been I wanted to learn to take care of my hair while it is still short so i can have the tools to maintain it once I have achieve length.

Anyway below are the after results of my fabulous crochet braids.

Have you done crochet braids? How do you maintain it?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Health and Fitness Goals 2015

As watch the million plus revelers in Time Square ring in the New Year I gave a toast to 2014 and a silent thanks; I then accept the challenges 2015 will throw my way and vow to succeed.  I don't normally make resolution but I do like to have a plan and goals; the biggest obstacle I current have is my weight so I have a few goals that I will work o in 2015.


 Weight Loss goal- I do not have a number in mind but I would like to get my body mass index down to 30.  I would also like to be at least a size 8 (M). When I started my weight loss journey I was a size 14-16 (XL); these days I am a size 10-12 (L). I find that fixating on a specific number on the scale leads to frustration and eventually lost of motivation.


Health goal- Be very cognizant of what I eat especially at work. I will continue my practice of shopping and making meals in advance so I can pack my lunch.  I did slacked off on making my morning smooth so I will revive it up for 2015.

Fitness goal- I will work out minimum of five days each week, whether it be in the gym or at home. Having a small child can make attending the gym on a set schedule difficult at times.  So I will supplement my gym attendance with my DVD collection or a selection from YouTube.

I firmly believe that if you watch your food intake and exercise you can achieve weight loss that you can be proud of.

Fitness Friday
What are your goals or resolutions for 2015?

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