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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Weight Loss- November In-review

My game plan for November was to 1) shop and prepare my lunch in advance, 2) have a weekly exercise schedule, 3) keep a journal on my eating and exercise habits.  If I followed through with my plan I expected  to lose about five pounds, lower my BMI by tow points and, lose an inch from my waist.

As with many things the beginning is the hardest. I do not like to cook or be in the kitchen for that matter. However, I overcome that little hurdle quickly because I wanted to be successful in this healthy lifestyle journey.

I hope you got some inspiration from my weekly menu and exercise schedule; if you want to take a look on my game plan for November look here and  here and here  and here.

Result Recap

  • I lost 6lbs; I was doing the happy dance because I did not expect it to be that much. I did not weight myself once during the month because I didn't want to obsess about my progress.
  • I'm down 1 1/2 inches of my waist, I just might achieve that hourglass shape.  
  • I did not see any significant change in my arm but I must say the bat wings are going away, so I will mark that as an achievement.
  • I lowered my BMI my only 1point but I was super excited because it was going in the right direction.

I am very excited about my progress because  I am closer to my goal of  my clothes size having only one digit.  At the beginning of this journey it was purely about losing weight but now that I have lost weight and my blood pressure in within normal range I had to set another goal.

BMI on it's way down

 December's Goal

I will recycle my goals from November now that I know they are attainable and I have gotten the hang of shopping and preparing meals in advance.  At the end of December I hope to be a better Samba dancer and maybe have a dancer body to show for it. 

To achieve anything worth having you need to work hard and harder, so when the journey gets rough dig deep and deeper and remember why it was important to start the journey in the first place.


  1. Lol @ hourglass shape! You will get there honey. You've come so far. If you can believe it, you will achieve it. Good job!


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