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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Menu and exercise Schedule 12/8

This week will be a very hard week for me professionally.  The jobs or career we have will at times directly touch the lives of others.  This is especial true when you have a career in Human Resources and unfortunately these touches are always for the greater good.

As I face this week, I face it without any preparations for because I wanted to rest and relaxed before I had to part-take in the dirty part of my job.Laying off employees during the holiday is never a good thing,; not only for the person's losing their jobs but also for the ones left behind.  That being said,; here is what I have done so far and will do for remainder of this this week.


Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Mental Rest
Wednesday- 1 hour Body Pump and 3 mile run
Thursday- 45 minutes of Zumba
Friday - 1 hour Pilates and 3 mile run
Saturday- 1 hour Spin/Cycling
Sunday-  Rest


I did not shop for ingredients so I will wing it and make healthy choices at lunch.  For dinner I made a pot of lamb stew and barbeque chicken thighs and will have both with roasted red potatoes and brown rice and a green salad over the course of the week.

I hope you are making some healthy lifestyle choices and also getting plenty of mental and physical rest.

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