Monday, December 1, 2014

Menu and Exercise Schedule (12/1)

As I get closer to the end of the year, things seem to be falling into place.  I am more regimental with my diet and exercise, I have also become more aware of how my actions and lifestyle affects the ones around me.  That being said 2014 was a roller coaster of a year but it was well worth the ride.

I intend to continue with my current course of action during these last few weeks of 2014 with a few Samba lessons thrown in.  So here is my action plan for this week.


Monday- Samba lesson ( this is my first lesson, hopefully I have rhythm)
Tuesday- Kickboxing for 45 minutes
Wednesday- Body Pump for an hour
Thursday- Rest day
Friday- Pilates for an hour
Saturday- Cycling/Spin for an hour
Sunday- Rest day


I did not plan a menu nor went food shopping this weekend, so I will be winging it this week.  I am a very bad impulse buyer when I am hungry so my intent is to make meals with what I have in the house. Here is a list of what I have on hand and how I on preparing them.

-Baked chicken thighs with oven roasted red potatoes
-Grilled Tilapia with a green salad
-Baked salmon with brown rice and oven roasted cauliflower
-Tuna Apple salad

I find that planning and documenting your fitness and healthy goals keeps you accountable and leads to greater success.  

Hope you have a successful and healthy week.


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