Friday, December 12, 2014

30 Days of Water Challenge- Recap

At the beginning of November I accepted the 30 days of water challenge hosted by Just Grow already and Relaxed Thairapy.  My goal was to drink at least 32 ozs of water each day, not drink any soda during these 30 days and to consume foods that have very high water content. This was a good challenge for me because it made me focus on my water intact and also my carbohydrate intake.

My Successes and Faliures

  • I drank at least 32 ozs of water each day; yes even on the weekends and more often than not I drank close to 64 ozs.  
  • Soda oh soda you drug!  I was good for 29 out of the 30 days but day 29th got the best of me.  It was a rough day job wise; I just need that thing that made me feel good.  Yes, I have two cans of soda on that day (hangs head in shame).  The one good thing was I have not repeated it since them.  
  • Consuming food that have high water content was easy for me because I love cucumbers, peaches, grapes, broccoli and cauliflower, so I stuck to the fruits and vegetables that I like and was very please that I followed through.

Noted Benefits

  • Around day 5 I felt more energized.  I did not feel the lethargic feeling I had every morning.  I did not have the mid-afternoon crashes I have become accustomed to; I did not have the dry mouth feel as often as  I normally did.
  • I have Gastritis which is an inflation of the stomach walls; because of this condition I have acid reflex and indigestion.  Half through the 30 days I was able to sleep without walking up because I was choking on my stomach acid.  This may be due to the fact that I drank no soda so less acid in my stomach but I believe is was due to my increased water intake.
  • I have very good skin, but I have noticed that it gets really dry in the colder months.  It would feel as if I was getting bit my thousands of ants, but even though I has gotten really cold I have yet to experience that same ole same ole dry feeling.


I was successful in this challenge and I have also reaped noteworthy benefits.  I will continue to drink at least 32 ozs of water at the very least through winter and will certainly not go back to my soda drinking ways.

What were your successes and noteworthy benefits during the 30 days of water challenge?


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