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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wash Day- Milestone

I am currently at thirteen weeks post relaxer, this is the first time I got this far without a wig or braids. Before I started my healthy hair journey I went six months without a relaxer and it was done by wearing wigs.  So I am super excited that I was able to get this far without a wig and using healthy practices.

Last week I experience excessive shedding so this wash day I add Garlic mask treatment to the wash day line up. This week I had less shedding but still more than normal, I am hoping it is because of the cold weather setting in. All in all I had a great wash day.

 So here is how this weeks wash day went:

Prepoo with Loreal Total 5 repair conditioner, Coconut oil and grapeseed oil.  Last wash day I warmed it and it worked out great so I did it again this week.  After applying the warm mixture to my detangled hair, then covered it with a plastic cap for thirty minutes. Once my hair wash cool I rinsed with warm water the shampooed.

Shampooed with Creme of Nature Sunflower & coconut detangling conditioning shampoo, as usual I only lather once.  This shampoo always leaves my soft and I'm just in love with it.

Tea rinse with my brewed black tea by pouring it over my head after allowing the excess to run off I apply Alter Ego garlic mask treatment.  I left the Garlic mask treatment on my hair for ten minutes before rinsing with warm water.

 Deep conditioned with Crecepelo deep conditioner for thirty minutes under my conditioning cap.  I am loving this deep conditioner; I am hoping it helps me with my push to sixteen weeks post.  After allowing my hair to cool I rinsed with warm water followed my cool water to close the cuticle. My hair was so soft and well conditioned.

 Leave-In -T-shirt dry for way more time than I wanted to (fell asleep) before applying Aphogee Provitamin Leave-in conditioner,Crecepelo leave-in conditioner and OGX coconut milk anti breakage serum then blow dry on low to stretch my thirteen weeks new growth.  I then apply Ettenio seal and shine before roller setting with close to twenty 2 inch rollers and calling it a night.

How was your wash day? What were you highlights?



  1. 13 weeks without wigs? Congratulations! Does the garlic mask smell like garlic?

    1. It does not smell like garlic at all.

    2. I was wondering the same thing. Do you think adding the garlic helped with shedding or is it too early to tell?

    3. It does, but I normally see a noticeable change in about two weeks.

  2. You're a pro at stretching your relaxer now girl! Congrats! Do you use a holding product when you do your roller sets?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. I don't use any holding products because I find that they dry my hair out.

  3. Congrats on having a great stretch thus far!


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