}); relaxed and healthy: 6 Ways to Avoid gaining weight during the holidays

Friday, November 28, 2014

6 Ways to Avoid gaining weight during the holidays

The holiday season is a time for food,family and festivities.  Therefore we tend to over indulge on mom or grandma's delicious creations. Studies have shown we gain people tend to gain on average 1-2 pounds during the holidays season.

Unfortunately most people do not lose the weight they gain during the holiday and over time it is compounded. So this had me thinking of how to avoid weight gain during the holiday season.  The 6 ways I will avoid weight gain this holiday season are, staying hydrated, saying no to treats, snacking wisely, get plenty of rest, focus on my family and not food and exercise regularly.

Stay Hygrated

Don't forget to drink water during the holiday season. Drinking water will help you stay hydrated and will also trick you brain into thinking you are full. Water not only quenches the thirst but also aid digestion.  I'm am a social drinker, so one trick to ensure I stay hydrated in these settings is to always order a glass of water along with my drink and drink them simultaneously. So make sure your reach for water during the holiday season.

Say no to treat

Treats and snacks are not in short supply during the holiday season.  In my office between now and Christmas there will be donuts, cookies, cakes; so what is a girl suppose to do? Channeling my inner  Nancy Reagan , "say no to treats". I am not saying you should not enjoy a cookie, donuts or even a piece of cake but be very picky with how much and when you indulge. Remember moderation is key.

Snack wisely

Healthy snacking is necessary in any healthy lifestyle, but it becomes extremely important during the holiday season.  My trick is to always have a snack in my bag, it can be anything from a snack bar to nuts.  The key is to be prepared so when hunger strikes you can reach for an healthy snack and not a donut or a cookie.

Get rest

Ensure that during the holiday season you get plenty of rest.   When you are well rested you have better judgement and is able to make better decisions. So do not leave rest out of your holiday

Focus on family and fun and not food

The holidays is not just about food, it is also about family and friends.  So instead of focusing all your time and energy on the dishes on the table, spend time catching up with family and friends.  Have a lively conversation at meal time this will help you eat slower therefore allowing your brain to catch-up with you stomach.  So during the holiday focus on family, friends and fun.


If all else fail do not fail to exercise during the holiday. If you don't say no, get enough rest, drink too much alcohol or over indulge, please make sure you exercise. This will ensure that you at the very least maintain your current weight.  It has being shown that exercise speeds up the digestion process, helps reduce bloating and release the feel good hormones.

So to maintain your current weight or even lose a few pounds this holiday season, remember to be vigilant with your food and alcohol intake and please do not leave exercise out of your holiday plans.

What are some of the ways do you plan on avoiding the holiday weight gain?


  1. I love this post. This is really helpful. This should prove handy around christmas time :)

    1. I'm glad this was useful and handy for you, Thanks


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