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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weight Loss- October In Review

Summer 2013
As I celebrate my two anniversary of taking back my health and body from obesity, I marvel at my journey.  Yes it is a journey, a journey for life and one that I have willingly and wholeheartedly embraced.  Yes, I still get winded when I go up a flight of stairs but now it is because I ran up the stairs; which to me is just great.

October like every month on this weight loss journey had its ups and downs, so like all the other times I just ride the wave and know that I can try again tomorrow.   I had good and not so good results with my diet and exercise but overall it was positive.

My ups were few but very noteworthy, I am leaner (aka smaller), I have breakfast each morning (yeah for me), my blood pressure is normal.  The downs were not too bad either just wish they were also ups, did not exercise as often as I should have, still struggling with lunch ( bad company).


For close to thirty years breakfast was not my thing, just ask my grandmother who had to run after me each morning just to have a bit and a sip.  My smoothies have become my saving grace and has help me to develop a breakfast routine.  I make a smoothie every morning and they normal consist of everything except a banana (yuck) and peanut butter (yucky); they are delicious, nutritious and filling and I will continue to make and consume them.

This month as usual I struggle with what to have for lunch and it shows in my weight loss.  I did manage to pack lunch two out of the five days and did stay away from pizza and chinese food.  However, I ate to much of those damn frozen dinners which left me hunger and craving for something else.  Finally saw the error of my ways after eating one too many snicker bars. 


October 2013
My goal for October was to exercise five to six times a week, well I only managed three times a week; which is not terrible but also not super great either. I enjoy exercising and going to the gym but when you have a little one your schedule depends on their schedule, which sucks at times. His father and I double team but there are days when I am it and I don't feel motivated to exercise after a round of homework, dinner and bath time.  Yes, yes that my excuse and I am using it; in other words I did not at home exercise this month at all.

Overall health-

Since September I have been doing an hour of weight training each week and it is showing in my now leaner and smaller body.  My legs and arms are toned which is just plain sexy (if I most say so myself).  The weight training session has gotten easier and I'm even lifting heavier weights (yay for me).  My blood pressure is finally normal again (yes I did the silly dance), I know that it is possible because I watch all those weight loss shows.  For it to be happening to me is really great and go to show that high blood pressure is a lifestyle disease.  I will still have to monitor my sodium intact, but as long as I continue on this healthy journey it should stay normal.
February 2014

Weight Loss Stats-

  • Lost 2.2 lbs
  • BMI down  2 points
  • Lost 1/2 inch from my arms arms (yeah for Body pump)

Game plan for November -
  • Have a weekly lunch menu and shop and prepare these meals in advance
  • Have a weekly exercise schedule and stick to it
  • Keep a weekly journal of my eating and exercise practices, habits etc.
  • Lose five pounds and lose and inch from my waist
  • Lower my BMI by at least two points.


  1. This is amazing! Keep going. You should be so proud of yourself. You've come so far.


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