Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stress and the Body/Hair

Recently my job as become extremely stressful and it had me wondering what effects does stress has on the healthy of my hair and body.

Researchers has found that the body releases potent hormones when the body enters the fight or flight mode.  Hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol helps the body in stressful situations. However, these hormones can cause damages to blood vessels and organs if they remain at an elevated level for a log period of time. If the body is in this heighten stress zone for prolong periods, you may start seeing signs of aging.

Stress and the Hair.

There is the myth that stress causes hair to turn gray, causes bald spot or even causes hair to fall out.  While there is some truth to this myth the reasoning behind this myth is debatable. Yes we have all seen how the US presidents becomes gray, but this may be due to aging from prolong stress.

It is said that significant hair loss does not happen with mere emotional stress but with psychological stress. Changes in diet, medication or lifestyle are a few of the top culprits that can change the growth and resting cycle of the body.

This change will sometimes putting the hair cycle in the rest stage. The rest stage of the hair growth cycle typical last about four months. So when you have excess shedding you will need to look back three to four months to figure out what stressors you had then.

How do we fight the effects of stress?

To combat excessive shedding or hair loss you need to monitor your diet, get your thyroid check out, make sure your diet is rich in vitamin D, also be aware of the side effects of your medication. A regular exercise routine can help to combat the negative effects of these stress hormones. It is often recommend that we take a multi-vitamin supplement rich in vitamin B complex and vitamin C and contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

I think I'm on the right track in combating stress.  What about you?

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