}); relaxed and healthy: Product review- Crecepelo Deep Conditoner

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Product review- Crecepelo Deep Conditoner

Cost- $7.99  Purchased at my Beauty supply store

Claims- First Phytotherapeutic Treatment that involves the use of natural plants for hair growth.

Blurb- Formula provides extracts and nutrients that return health, beauty, vitality, flexibility, and softness to the hair, which helps its growth.

Ingredients-  Water, Cetearyl, alcohol, Gliceryl monoestearate, Behentrimonium chloride fragrance, Diazolidinyl urea, Laurel,nettle, arnica, bardana, watercress,calendula,ivy,manzanilla,lemon, pine,romero, capuchina,salvia,tioxolona, milk of cotton, fibro activates.

Pros- The recommended treatment time is 15 minutes and in my experience it is all you need. he product is very thick and sinks in your hair when applied; however, it does not provide any slip so it is not great for detangling. It leaves the hair soft, moisturized,light and bouncy. At the end of the week the hair was still moisturized and soft. It has me thinking about going 16 weeks post, because of how soft and moisturize my hair is after each treatment. 

Cons- The ingredients aren't all natural as they would want us to believe.  The smell is very strong, it reminds me of Irish spring soap. It does not have any slip so it is not great for detangling.

My Take-  It took me couple of use before I got use to the smelling, but fell in love with from the very first use.  Even though it does not provide slip, it leaves my hair feeling like silk.  Yes it is that soft and the effect last through my next wash day, I have even skip my mid week co-wash and it last the entire week. This conditioner has me thinking of doing a long stretch that's how good it is.  Well at least in my experience.

Have you used it? What's your take?

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