Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Core Exercise- Healthy Lifestyle

We have at one time or another heard that we need to strengthen the Core.  When I think about the core I about having a six-pack abs.  However, I was politely told by a trainer that the core is more complex than the classic six-pack.

What is the Core?

The core in basically the entire torso, but the core that trainers normal refers to is runs from under the breast bone down to the pelvic bone including the back.  The core consist of four major muscles Rectus Abdominus, Oblique, Intercoastals and Serratus.

What does the core do?

The core is used to support and stabilized our pelvic and spine. A strong core improve your day to day activity such as walking, running, getting up from a sitting position etc.

Where do yo find the core muscles?

The Rectus Abdominus is located from the sternum ( breast bone)  all the way down to the pelvic bone.
 The Obliques are located at the side of the waist (where you typical find the love handles).
The Intercoastals are located between the sides of the rib cage.
The Serratus is located under the arm just above the Obliques. 

What exercise strengthen the Core?

Ah, know we are onto the good stuff.  There are a myriad of core exercise that targets each muscle group which in total will give you the desired outcome.

Exercises that targets the Rectus Abdominus are crunches and sit up type exercises, which mainly works the abdominals.  Side bends, twists and oblique crunches targets the Obliques and really helps to give the waistline that hourglass look.  The exercise the targets the intercoastal are basically a sit-up with a twist or that dredge air bike move your trainer makes you do.  Rope pulls targets the Serratus along with pullovers and similar exercise.

What I have learned?

I learned that crunches and sit ups alone won't give me that coveted six pack.  Therefore, I will need to incorporate core exercises that isolated and target specific muscle groups in order to shape and tone them.  However, I have also learned that most core exercise works more that one specific group at a time.  To get my six pack at least my version of it I must continue to strengthen my core and follow my diet.

Hope you learned something that you can use in your quest to a healthier life and body.


  1. Definitely enjoyed the anatomy lesson :) good luck with your goals!



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