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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Breast Cancer- Healthy Lifestyle

October is breast cancer awareness month; a time for awareness and education.  It is said that 1 in 8 women will be diagnose with breast cancer.  If your life was ever touch by breast cancer you will know that it affects the whole community when one person is diagnosed.

 Breast cancer is a savage beast, that destroys, disfigures and steals our love ones.  That wretched beast stole my best friend of 16 years, took a young vibrant woman, left a 8 year old without a mother.

So how do we fight back against this despicable disease?

We fight back with diet, exercise and education.


There is no magical food but there is a magical diet that has a overall healthy approach.  This diet should be full of fruits and vegetables.  The fiber in fruits and vegetable helps to clear out the extra estrogen from our bodies, leaving less for cancer cells to attached to.  Dark orange and green leafy vegetables are pack full of carotenoids, that helps to lower the breast cancer risk.

Also eat lean meats and fish and stay away from red and fatty meats.  Also eat less grilled meats because they are high in carcinogens which can raised your cancer risk.   We all have at times crave sweets but a diet limited in sugar is beneficial to your overall health.


It is often recommended to exercise 30 minutes a day, which is not unreasonable. With regular exercise you can control your weight and reduce your risk of breast cancer.  Exercise can help you to control your estrogen level, blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and insulin levels.

Regular exercise does not mean you have to join a gym or run a 5K (which you can do if you choose to) but instead means you should get active. A 30 minute walk around your neighborhood or a 30 minutes dancing to your favorite music in your home counts as exercise.  The moral is that you should get active and also enjoy these activities.


We should know our body; don't be afraid to look at your body in the mirror because then you will know when something if wrong.  Be your own health advocate; this means if your doctor does not share your health concerns find one that does.  This may take shopping around; but don't we already do that for health product and shoes?

Do regular self breast exams so you can catch a lump early. If you are unfortunate to be diagnose with breast cancer, you should research, read, find support groups, so you are able to understand what the next steps.  Knowledge is power and having knowledge about breast cancer can help us limit our risk and helps us to survive if we are diagnosed.

There is no way for sure to prevent breast cancer but why not fight the good fight against this devastating disease.  A healthy diet, regular exercise and education are the only weapons we have in our arsenal, so why not use them.

Have breast cancer affected your life? What tips can you share with us on surviving or dealing with the lost of a loved one?


  1. Thanks for the reminder about breast cancer. It is definitely a savage beast. I think it is time for a check up.


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