Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weight Loss Update- Healthy Lifestyle

Weight Loss, eating healthy and regular exercise is similar to a healthy hair journey.  In the days following the weight loss challenge I was at a lost as to how to continue on this healthy life-path after the challenge. Then kazam! it hit me even though I did not reached my goal in the challenge I was successful.

I was successful because I was accountable, not only to myself but to the people who accepted my challenge and was committed to the journey with me. Anyway,  yes I have accepted responsibility for my health since 2012 I have at times loss track of my goals and the reason for my journey. In saying all that I made the decision to chronicle my healthy lifestyle journey alongside my healthy hair journey in order to keep my goals in sight.

So here is a recap of  the last three weeks:

I have exercised five (5) days each week for the last three weeks.  Who would have thought that me of all person could exercise in my livingroom for three consecutive days? Not me for sure,  because I always needed a structured exercise class to get me through.  However, with this new zeal and zest I am doing it and the results are showing yet again.  I feel so much healthier and energized.

I had a shake/smoothie each day along with a fruit for snack, a salad for lunch and a very small dinner. Even though I took my health in my own hands almost two years ago.  I was never a proponent of diets, due to the restrictions they put one a persons life.  I am not and still to some degree not a very disciplined person when it comes to routines and regulations.  Therefore diets weren't my thing and still isn't.  However, I have learned to incorporate healthy eating habits and healthy foods into my life and the benefits are great.

In the last three weeks I have lost a little over 2 lbs, which it great but I am inspired to reach my goal weight before I hit the big 4 Oh.  In the coming weeks month I hope to continue on this fabulous journey and I hope to inspire you.

How is your healthy lifestyle coming along?


  1. I love exercising in my living room. The trick is to put your favorite show on if you have on demand.And watch the whole show while doing some cardio.


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