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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wash Day- eight weeks post

This wash day reminded me why I use to relaxed my hair at eight weeks. My new growth has a  soft cotton like texture, which clumps together when wet. The struggle is real, because I need to keep my new growth detangled at all times and the real kicker is that it gets really dry.  All that is compounded my my exercise routine.

Anyway here is how my was day went:

I put my hair in two sections (this is my first time washing my hair in sections) and kept it throughout the wash.

Prepoo with Cantu Shea Butter leave-in repair conditioner and coconut oil under my conditioning cap for fifteen minutes, before rinsing with warm water.

Shampooed with Optimum Oil Therapy, as always I only lather once.  I am still loving this shampoo, it left my hair feeling soft and clean.

Tea rinsed with my black tea brew, I poured the brew repeatedly over my head for about five minutes then rinse with cold water.

Deep conditioned with Crecepelo and coconut oil under my conditioning cap for 25 minutes.  I have heard many great things about this conditioner and so far I am not disappointed. I rinsed out the DC with warm water followed my cold.  My hair felt really conditioned and silky, hoping it last.

T-shirt dry for twenty minutes before applying my leave-in of Creme of nature strength and shine, ORS oil moisturizer hair lotion and OGX coconut milk anti breakage serum.  My hair was about 50% dry at this times, so I roller  set with 12 2 inch magnetic roller and 6 1 1/2.  I did this to close out September #washdayexperience challenge "rollin down the river". I was hoping the large rollers would allow my hair to dry quickly and also give me a bouncy curls.

Alas this was not the case. Even though I love to roller set my hair  ( I roller set every night), I hate roller setting wet hair because it never comes out right. So after sitting under my bonnet dryer for forty minutes I was not too please with the results, but it was to be expected.

All in all it was not bad because my hair still felt moisturizer and look soft and shiny which i'm loving.

Hope you experienced a great wash day.


  1. I used to love love love Crecepelo! That stuff absorbed into my hair like butter and left it sooo soft and smooth. Have you used the leave in?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. I too is falling in love . I'm currently on the hunt for the leave in but so far no luck.


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