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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wash Day- changing it up

 This wash day was a day of first, I am testing out a new shampoo because I cannot find my Creme of Nature, moreover did not like how my hair felt last week. I am also trying out a new conditioner my sister-in-law rave about even though all the reviews I found on it was done by naturals.

So here is how it went down:

Prepoo with Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream and my oil mix ( grapeseed, olive and coconut oil)for 10 minutes under my conditioning cap.  I rinsed out all the product with warm water. As always my hair felt great.

Shampoo with a Optimum Oil Therapy Ultimate Recovery Shampoo.  I lathered once and rinsed with warm water. I was not sure what to except from this shampoo especially since I was not familiar with most of its ingredients. Well it was great and my hair feel soft, clean and detangled.  I'm am loving this shampoo it might be on my top three; we'll see.

I skipped my black tea rinse ( old faithful) which was another change to my regimen.

Deep conditioned with Crecepelo, for 15 minutes under my conditioning cap.  I could not find any reviews that I thought was beneficial to me, however she raved so much about it I wanted to try it. After the 15 minutes was up I rinsed with warm water to ensure I got all the product out because it is a really thick product.  When I was satisfied that it was all out I rinsed with cold water to close the cuticles. OMG my hair felt soft and light ( yes light) I was like screw all the not so good stuff that is in this conditioner; I was in heaven.  I am officially in love.

After my happy dance, I toweled dry my hair before wrapping it in a t-shirt to get it 90% dry before apply my leave ins of Creme of Nature Perfect 7 and OGX coconut milk anti-breakage serum. Left it to air dry for close to 2 hours before low drying on warm to stretched the roots, before roller setting and calling it a day.

after my blow dry
I was very please with the new shampoo and conditioner I tried this was day and will certainly add then to my arsenal of great products.

How was your wash day?

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