Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge- Week two recap

As with week one, week provided its share of challenges.  Two great women in my life had birthdays one day apart, so we had our ladies night out which included lots to drink and eat, many laughter and cakes yes there is always cake.  The theme of this party was Downton Abbey so we all had our custom hats to top off a great evening.

Week 2 Recap

Weight Loss - 1.8 lbs ( another week of not achieving my goal)

Diet- My diet was on point this week except I change my cheat day to Thursday because I went out to lunch to celebrity my friends birthday, yes I ate like a pig and stone oven pizza was excellent.  Had my shakes both morning and evening, had my power pack salad and tuna wrap for lunch most days.  I made a eggplant Parmesan ( homemade sauce and a 1/4 of the cheese the receipe called for) it was great, will make it again.  I had the eggplant parm and grilled salmon for dinner most days.

This week I had grapes and watermelon for my snacks and it certainly help me.

Exercise-  I did two days of cycling and one day of boxing ( I was in a really bad mood so I need to hit something).  I did an 1/2 hour of zumba and 1/2 hour of yoga on the days I did not go to the gym.  Which were Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; Sunday is my day off.

Recap-  All that celebrating did not help my cause but I'm still on the right track.  To date I have lost 3 lbs and I'm happy.  However, I did change my snacking and exercising ways and I think it paid off.

Week three Goal  

Weight loss - 2lbs

Diet- Lunch- my power pack salad and tuna wrap, dinner- salmon and quinoa and baked chicken with kale salad. Having my smoothie only for breakfast.  Snack of grapes and honeydew melon.

Exercise-  I will change it up a bit this week because I will be on vacation so I'll do a 3k run twice for the week, do my zumba/yoga combo on the off days and one day of cycling at the gym.

Wish me luck with this week's challenge.


  1. Staying on the right track is key. I am glad you did not get discouraged.


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