Monday, August 18, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge- Week 4 Recap

I love to take time away from my very hectic work life, but the downside of that time away is a real bummer.  My stress level this week was through the roof, my blood pressure and eating suffered.

Week 4 recap

Weight Loss-  .8 lbs, I am actually surprise that I loss any weight at all.

Exercise-  I slacked off terrible this week, I did not exercise once at home this week. I killed it in kickboxing and oh my! I felt great after.  On Saturday a friend and I went to SoulCycle it was different from normal cycle and was fun.  I truly believe it was because of SoulCycle why I lost any weight at all.  I will certainly  do a session of SoulCycle once per month even though it cost and arm and a leg.  

Diet-  I followed my diet plan on Monday, the rest of week was a crap shoot.  I think I had pizza twice in one week which I never do, but that could certainly account for why I felt so lousy this week.

This week was not a total lost but I will continue my journey to a leaner and healthier body.


  1. Don't forget I am cheering you on. Stay away from the pizza please.

  2. Thank for the support, and I will certainly stay away from the pizza :)


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