Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge Recap

What did I learn from this challenge?  

I learned that my diet is the biggest hindrance in my weight loss journey.  I do eat healthy foods but I often do not plan my meals on work days. On the days I don't plan my meals I eat too little and often end up eating crappy food that is not beneficial to my health or lifestyle.

I can loss weight and have become quite an athlete.  I can run a 15 minute mile, Zumba, cycle, and go kickboxing without feeling as if someone was sitting on my chest.  I am so much stronger than I even imagine and will continue to strengthen my body.


Weight loss- loss 4% of my body weight which worked out to roughly 8 lbs
Exercise- visit the gym or work out from home at least four times per week
Diet- Pack my lunch, snack and smoothie each day. Also have a small dinner a a snack each night.


Weight loss-  Lost 5.3 lbs/ 2.7 % which was close but no cigar. 
Exercise-  I did make it to the gym on a fairly regular basis; I did work out from home but had a few rough spots were I did not have the energy or motivation to do so.  I love how I feel after a vigorous exercise and will continue to incorporate it in my everyday life.

Diet-  I was a total failure at packing my lunch and snack for work but did great in eating a small dinner with my shake.

I fell short by 2.7 lbs but is still excited that I was able to lose more than 1 lb on average per week.  I will continue my weight loss journey and give periodic updates on my progress or challenges.  

Hope I was able ti inspire you on your weight lost journey.

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