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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wash Day- One week post

I normally do a co-wash and conditioner mid week because of my exercise routine, however with all the activities I had this week I did not do my mid week wash.  Even though I moisturized my hair each night it
was still dry so I will add a few extras to this wash day.
Prepoo with Cantu  Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream and grape-seed oil under my conditioning cap for 20 minutes. This is my first time using grape-seed oil not sure I like the smell. 

 After which I shampoo with ORS olive oil creamy aloe shampoo. I need a cleaning shampoo to get out all the products I used along with the sweat and grime from the past week. 

Tea rinse with black tea, for about 3 minutes by pouring it over my head before rinsing with cold water. Love the black tea rinse not only for help with shedding but because it darkens my hair which I love.

Deep conditioned with  Tresemme naturals aloe and avocado conditioner and grape-seed oil under my conditioning cap for 20 minutes.  T-shirt dry for 10 minutes before detangling.

Put my hair in four sections and apply my Leave-ins of  Creme of nature strength and shine leave in conditioner and OGX anti breakage coconut serum.   I then roller set each section and sat under my new Andis soft bonnet dryer for 35 minutes. I made this new purchase because I need to cure myself of my blow dryer habit.  I think I'm in love but will use it one more time and will probably do a mini post on its pros and cons.

I had completely dried hair and was able to take out my rollers and had nice curls; that was a plus for this wash day.

Even with the new appliance and products, this was a great wash day.


  1. finally a post with products I can find in South Africa! I also like doing black tea rinses mainly to stop shedding.

  2. I happy my wash day was helpful to you. stay inspired.


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