Friday, August 15, 2014

Skin Care

I was blessed in my teenage years with very good skin.  I never suffered from acne; my sister often joke that my son and I have very supple skin. She says this because I believe you should always moisturizer you skin no matter what time of year or what type of climate. Unfortunately I have to be behind my son who can know lotion his own skin, apply enough lotion to keep his skin moisturized.

As I have aged and gain weight I noticed that my skin and skin tone has change, and not for the better.  The acne that I escaped as a teenager threatens to overtake my once pristine skin. For awhile I thought it was because of the makeup I wear, so I change to the expensive stuff.  When that didn't help I stop wearing makeup all together but still I had the problem.

This prompted me to visit the dermatologist who after looking at my skin told me that as women age our hormones change and that coupled with being overweight can have adverse effects on the skin.   After this very eye opening visit with the dermatologist I return to wearing my make-up and went on a health kick.

Here is what I learned:  

  •  Water is very good; it hydrates your entire body.  When you are properly hydrated you will notice the difference in your skin hair and overall well being.  
  • Exercise not only helps you lose weight and keep you fit but the sweat that you produce cleans your pores and helps to get rid of toxins.
  • Eating foods rich in antioxidant is very good for your overall healthy and your skin will thank you.
  • Cutting down on junk food and processed food and stacking up on healthy fruits and vegetables will help to keep your hormones in balance and in check.
  • If you are make-up wearer  make sure you  moisturizer before applying your make-up.  Your nightly routine should include a facial cleanse and do apply a moisturizer formulated for night. If you are not a make-up wearer apply moisturizer to your face twice a day. 

Skin Care Essential- 

  • Day/night moisturizer ( I love the Avon Anew line)
  • Facial cleanser ( I use the Clean & Clear morning burst)
  • A scrub ( I use the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub)
  • A astringent/toner to help remove make-up

I  still have a flare up every now and then but it happens mostly when I am not doing the right thing.

What are some of the skin care routines you practice?

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