Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge- Week 1 Recap

Week One Recap

Weight lost-1.2 lbs

Diet-  Had my morning an evening shake except for Friday (I did not have any).  Had my power pack salad three days, made a tuna wrap on Thursday and order a really good (bad) sandwich on Friday.  Yes Friday was not a good day for the diet. I am not a big snacker so I struggle with the in-between meal snacks ( I had very few). I was able to adhere to having small dinners so that was  a plus.

Exercise-  I did three days of cycling ; two were my normal schedule days but on Friday I did "the extra mile challenge" for Open Doors.  It was a great challenge and it made me realized I am physically stronger that I even image.  I did not do any exercise at home this week, but I aim to change my ways.

Recap- I made progress and stuck to my goals the best way I know how, I will continue on this path with a few tweaks here and there.  I have decided to make Friday my cheat day, since this Friday went down hill.

Week Two Goals

Weight Lost- 2lbs
Diet - Alternate between my power pack salad and my tuna wrap for lunch, a shake for breakfast and one in the evening with a small dinner.  Have watermelon, grapes and peaches for my snacks, I really hate those bars.
Exercise- Two cycling class, a piloxing class and a dance aerobics class ( if my knees will cooperate)

Wish we luck in making week two a bigger success than week one.


  1. Rice is my enemy right now. I think I will substitute it for a soup or something.

  2. Try Quinoa (it's a little expensive) but you get the feeling of eating rice, just healthier.

  3. I have been motivated by your blog and Kay and i have started walking in the evenings. However, i have not done much about the diet yet :)

  4. Sorry that was me

  5. Yeah.... that's a good start. I'll probable post a bunch of the recipes that I'm currently trying out.


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