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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wash Day

 This wash day was focused on moisture and having really nice hair for my date.  I made the decision to try out the flex rods I bought awhile back.  Must say all the you tube videos on how to do a flex rod set does not prepare you for how time consuming it is and that you may not get your desired results.  Anyway here we go with how my wash day went.  

Prepoo with Cantu leave in conditioning repair cream for 20 minutes under my conditioning cap.  I love this product as a leave in but it does wonders for my hair, especially with me battling summer dryness.  It leave my hair feeling so smooth and soft.

Cowash with Creme of nature sunflower & coconut conditioning shampoo.  Love, love this cowash shampoo and it smells great.

Tea rinse with my black tea brew, I;m enjoying using the black tea because of the color it gives my hair.

Deep Conditioned with Cantu deep treatment masque in with I added olive oil to make this product spreadable. I then cover my head with for conditioning cap for  30 minutes. I really like the end result my hair wash silky soft and smelled great.

I proceeded to t-shirt dry my hair while I took a shower, shaved my legs and pluck my eyebrows.
 After all that I applied my

Leave-in treatment of Creme of nature strength and shine leave in conditioner, then detangled and put my hair in five sections.  I then applied OGX coconut milk anti-breakage serum and blow each section on low.

I normally roller set after but I wanted to do something special for my date so I pull out my flex rod and proceeded to set my hair. .

After four hours I  removed the flex rods and the results were so-so. But what can a girl do when she has a hot night plan.  I styled it the best way I could and went on my merry way.  However, to my amazement it go raved reviews. 

At the end of the night all the curls fell so I will certainly attempt it again.  All in all it was a great wash day.

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