Friday, July 11, 2014

My Health/ Headache

For the last month I was living with a headache but thought it was the stress from my job that was causing it. So I drank plenty of water, worked out four days a week, ate healthy, got enough sleep and tried to take deep breaths while at work.  Nevertheless, I was still have this numbing headache that was about to drive me out of my mind.

The stressful project that was working on at work was completed and I was able to relax however the headache just wasn't going away. Yesterday it all came to a head; I shutdown my computer done told my direct supervisor I'm leaving because I was not feel well and took myself to the doctor.  I went to one of those urgent care center, which is kind of a emergency room but with shorter wait time.

Two hours later, I saw a doctor and explained to her my symptoms; my blood pressure was okay, my pulse was a little elevated, my heart and lungs sound great ( her words not mine).  This was the point where I wanted to cry because I felt I was going to be dismissed. But I got the shock of my life; the reason I was feel so ill was because I have a congested nasal passage (yes I was breathing fine, by my standard) and my nasal concha was off balance( okay).The diagnosis was that I have allergies hence the congestion and was giving allergy medication and high dose painkiller to help with the pain. Oh and my nasal concha will regain balance once the congestion goes away.

The moral of the story is don't self diagnose and always listen to your body because who would have thought I have allergy without any of the classic symptoms.  Certainly not me!

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