Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge- Week 1 Recap

Week One Recap

Weight lost-1.2 lbs

Diet-  Had my morning an evening shake except for Friday (I did not have any).  Had my power pack salad three days, made a tuna wrap on Thursday and order a really good (bad) sandwich on Friday.  Yes Friday was not a good day for the diet. I am not a big snacker so I struggle with the in-between meal snacks ( I had very few). I was able to adhere to having small dinners so that was  a plus.

Exercise-  I did three days of cycling ; two were my normal schedule days but on Friday I did "the extra mile challenge" for Open Doors.  It was a great challenge and it made me realized I am physically stronger that I even image.  I did not do any exercise at home this week, but I aim to change my ways.

Recap- I made progress and stuck to my goals the best way I know how, I will continue on this path with a few tweaks here and there.  I have decided to make Friday my cheat day, since this Friday went down hill.

Week Two Goals

Weight Lost- 2lbs
Diet - Alternate between my power pack salad and my tuna wrap for lunch, a shake for breakfast and one in the evening with a small dinner.  Have watermelon, grapes and peaches for my snacks, I really hate those bars.
Exercise- Two cycling class, a piloxing class and a dance aerobics class ( if my knees will cooperate)

Wish we luck in making week two a bigger success than week one.

Wash Day

I did this wash day on a very tight schedule because I was attend a "Ladies night out" with a bunch of friends so I have to complete not only the washing of my hair but also the grocery shopping and laundry before I went out.  So just so you know it wasn't an epic fail but my style was a failure.

Here is how my wash day went:

Prepoo with Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning repair cream, under my conditioning cap for about 25 minutes. This is my third week using it has my prepoo and I'm still loving it.

Shampoo with Loreal Total repair 5 restoring shampoo.  I bought this product way before I began my healthy hair regime and decided to revisit it after reading Jen from Just Grow Already " 30 days with ceramide". I enjoyed how soft my hair felt after using it then and I'm enjoying it now.

Tea Rinse with black tea, my shedding is down to a minimum with my weekly black tea rinse.  Won't leave that step out anytime soon.

Deep conditioned with ORS olive oil replenishing conditioner  and my oil mix under my conditioning cap for 30 minutes. I really love using it as my DC and my oil mix gives it that extra.  After rinsing out the deep conditioner I applied Loreal Total repair 5 damage eraser balm ( I used a lot of curl pudding to reset my flex rod set after each work out) I figured I something extra.

I towel dry for about 20 minutes after which I detangled and put my hair in four sections.

Apply Leave-in  Creme of Nature strength and shine leave in conditioner along with OGX coconut milk antibreakage serum to each section before blow drying on low.  I did not fully dry my hair (big mistake).

Applied ettenio seal and shine then did three to four two strand twist in each section before doing a flex rod set.  I really thought I had all the time in the world for my hair to be completely dry but I ended up with damp roots and cute curls. The curls eventually fell but had a great time at my Downton Abbey themed Ladies night.

All in all it was a great wash day.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge

I am participating in a weight loss challenge to lose four (4) percent of my body weight in one month. In order to successfully complete this challenge I will need to lose an average of two (2) pounds per weeks.  I am excited to start but I know it will be a challenge especially when it come so lunch time at work. Yes my lunch crew or as I like to say the kool kids order great lunches and I often join in.

This is how I plan on succeeding:

Exercise: continue visiting the Gym three to four times per week, with two days dedicated to spinning, one day to piloxing/boxing and one day to running. On the days off from the gym I will perfect my burpees and my yoga moves.

Diet: This where always run into to trouble, but I plan on have a shake for breakfast, a  power packed salad for lunch and a very small dinner along with a shake.  In between my three major meals I will have snacks of fruit. nuts etc.

My Shake- A meal replacement. protein powder, blueberries, strawberries and spinach with a little cinnamon- Yep it's delicious.

My Power pack Salad-  A protein (fish or chicken), lettuce, carrots, peppers, nuts (walnuts,pine nuts and cashews), dried cranberries and blueberries, along with a few drops of thousand island dressing.  I love this salad, it always leaves me feeling full.

So here's to week one, wish me luck.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wash Day

 This wash day was focused on moisture and having really nice hair for my date.  I made the decision to try out the flex rods I bought awhile back.  Must say all the you tube videos on how to do a flex rod set does not prepare you for how time consuming it is and that you may not get your desired results.  Anyway here we go with how my wash day went.  

Prepoo with Cantu leave in conditioning repair cream for 20 minutes under my conditioning cap.  I love this product as a leave in but it does wonders for my hair, especially with me battling summer dryness.  It leave my hair feeling so smooth and soft.

Cowash with Creme of nature sunflower & coconut conditioning shampoo.  Love, love this cowash shampoo and it smells great.

Tea rinse with my black tea brew, I;m enjoying using the black tea because of the color it gives my hair.

Deep Conditioned with Cantu deep treatment masque in with I added olive oil to make this product spreadable. I then cover my head with for conditioning cap for  30 minutes. I really like the end result my hair wash silky soft and smelled great.

I proceeded to t-shirt dry my hair while I took a shower, shaved my legs and pluck my eyebrows.
 After all that I applied my

Leave-in treatment of Creme of nature strength and shine leave in conditioner, then detangled and put my hair in five sections.  I then applied OGX coconut milk anti-breakage serum and blow each section on low.

I normally roller set after but I wanted to do something special for my date so I pull out my flex rod and proceeded to set my hair. .

After four hours I  removed the flex rods and the results were so-so. But what can a girl do when she has a hot night plan.  I styled it the best way I could and went on my merry way.  However, to my amazement it go raved reviews. 

At the end of the night all the curls fell so I will certainly attempt it again.  All in all it was a great wash day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

9 Weeks Post- My New Growth is a Killer

9 weeks post relaxer and I feel as if I'm about to lose my mind.  The Sahara has nothing on my new growth.  I have been stretching my relaxer to 12 weeks since November 2013 and this is the first time I can't deal with it.

Yes, this the first summer that I have to deal with more than six weeks of new growth but come on; I'm a pro on this healthy hair care journey.  I have my routine/regime down pack (me lamenting), so why isn't all the things that have worked so far not working?

Well the simply answer is; it is summer; and summer is dry and humid  especially in NYC.  So nightly I  spray my new growth with my Ettenio Moisture Milk and moisturizer the ends with Cantu Shea Butter Creamy Hair lotion; so far it helps but I'm on the hunt for the WOW factor.

If this factor is not found soon I may have to cut my stretch short.  Yep certainly will.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wash Day

After my struggle this week with my new growth I'm yet again focusing on moisture, and I must say it was a stress free wash day.

Pre poo with Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning repair cream under my conditioning cap for 15 minutes, then sat around another 15 minutes waiting for my head to cool down. I then rinse out with warm water.

Shampoo with Ettenio clean start sulfate free moisturizing shampoo, it lather much but my hair still felt soft and clean.

Tea rinse with my black tea brew, I love black tea because it not only helps with shedding but it darkens my normally brown hair.  After about three minutes of pouring the tea rinse over my head I rinse with cold water to get out the extra tea before I deep condition.

Deep conditioned with ORS replenishing condiioner along with my oil mix under my conditioning cap for 20 minutes, after the that I sat around yet again for about 15 minutes waiting for my head to cool down.  I rinse out the conditoner with cool water and wrap my hair in a towel to dry.

Leave in- I apply my creme of nature Argan oil strength and shine leave in conditioner, detangled and air dry for roughly 15 minutes. I then apply OGX coconut milk anti breakage serum and blow dry on low.

My mom had giving me $70 in Kohls cash which I couldn't pass up so I put my hair up with a banana clip apply ORS smooth-N-hold pudding to my edges and Ettenio seal and shine to my ends then made a mad dash to Kohls for my retail fix.

All in all I think it was a good wash day and I hope the good feeling with the new growth last to my next wash day.

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Health/ Headache

For the last month I was living with a headache but thought it was the stress from my job that was causing it. So I drank plenty of water, worked out four days a week, ate healthy, got enough sleep and tried to take deep breaths while at work.  Nevertheless, I was still have this numbing headache that was about to drive me out of my mind.

The stressful project that was working on at work was completed and I was able to relax however the headache just wasn't going away. Yesterday it all came to a head; I shutdown my computer done told my direct supervisor I'm leaving because I was not feel well and took myself to the doctor.  I went to one of those urgent care center, which is kind of a emergency room but with shorter wait time.

Two hours later, I saw a doctor and explained to her my symptoms; my blood pressure was okay, my pulse was a little elevated, my heart and lungs sound great ( her words not mine).  This was the point where I wanted to cry because I felt I was going to be dismissed. But I got the shock of my life; the reason I was feel so ill was because I have a congested nasal passage (yes I was breathing fine, by my standard) and my nasal concha was off balance( okay).The diagnosis was that I have allergies hence the congestion and was giving allergy medication and high dose painkiller to help with the pain. Oh and my nasal concha will regain balance once the congestion goes away.

The moral of the story is don't self diagnose and always listen to your body because who would have thought I have allergy without any of the classic symptoms.  Certainly not me!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Wash Day

On this wash day since I had a day off due to the 4th of July I did an extended wash day, because I have being experiencing some dryness.

1- Prepoo overnight with my oil mix (coconut oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Jojoba Oil), in the morning my hair felt soft, that's why I choose to co-wash.

2- Co-wash with As I Am coconut cowash cleansing conditioner, my hair felt great after the wash.  T-shirt dry for about five minuted then;

3- Deep conditioned with Ettenio Moisture Infusion Conditioner under my conditioning cap for 30 minutes. After rinsing out the deep conditioner with cold water I towel dry for 10 minutes before;

4- Applying Ettenio Moisture Milk and detangled and put into four section. After detangling I apply OGX coconut milk anti breakage serum to each section and left to air dry for 1 hour.

5- then apply ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion blow dry on cool and then roller set.

I decided not to attend any 4th of July celebration but instead wash my hair and enjoy World Cup Football.  All in all it was a very successful wash day.

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