Monday, April 7, 2014

The Beginning

       Superstorm Sandy not only change our minds on hurricanes and how they can affect New York, but it change my life.On that early Tuesday morning with the with the winds howling outside I made a decision  to get healthy. The Thursday following the storm I began my journey to the new healthy and skinny me. Fast forward to six months later and the company was in a free fall into bankruptcy and the stress of possible losing my job caused me to lose my hair and eventually left me with bald spots.  My company survived barely and I still have my job a year later.  I'm happy to report that after a year and a half of kickboxing, cycling (spinning), total body conditioning, zumba and body pump i have lost 30 lbs and feeling great.
       One day in I was doing my usually Facebook I came across a post from Black Hair information and I spent the next week reading and making notes on how to take care of my hair and to keep it healthy. this lead me to YouTube where I spent hours watching video and creating notes on different products, there benefits and what  all those acronyms means.  This all started in November of 2013, I must say I am deriving more pleasure out of helping my friends finding ways to healthier hair and lives.
        One friends is my gym partner and the person I more often than not share heath tips with and i have another friend who I share hair care tips and product with and both ladies have improve their health in body and hair.  All the above are the reasons I have created this blog so I can catalog both my hair care and healthier lifestyle journey.

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